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Welcome to our Photo Album.

Our dogs have an extremely interesting life and all of them go out socially. As a result they are happy and well exercised dogs.


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Tempe filling in for one of Santas Reindeer. Beychief Tempest held Companion Dog and Tracking Dog titles. Well known charity worker and did numerous tv segments.
The Blue Room aka C Block which is used at night and hot days. Photo by 10.4 Photography
The Rainbow Garden and Memorial at Beychief Kennels. Photo by 10.4 Photography
Grundelhardt Sister Act AZ Photo 10.4 Photography
Grundelhardt Sister Act AZ aka DAISY. Photo 10,4 Photography
Blue Room is a block of six. Our cockatoos Oki and Carney are in Bay 6. We also have reptiles and birds. (Licensed)
Leada 2 at Christmas. She is Tracking Champion Damauren Lyrical Appeal AZ. Breed Survey Class 1 and retired Therapy Dog.
In the background on left is edge of Orange Room where our two DNA pure mountain/alpine dingoes, Minka and Dingu sleep. To the middle, Green Room and to the right, end corner of Purple Room.
Purple Room taken from back of house.
Bindi Boo the kennel mate at Beychief Kennels. She is DNA pure dingo
Visiting Santa are Graham, Misty, Chris and Reign. Dogs should be loved companions and versatile. Photo taken Tahmoor by One Stop Image Shop.
Twelve years old Jarinda Rustic Crusader TD Breed Survey Class 1 patrolling his front yard
Tracking Champion Beychief Miracle Gift (Xena) with Carolyn Munro, Qld. (Ear was damaged in an unfortunate accident). Xena flew through her tracking tests, mostly Excellent Passes. Pictured with judge Mal Holland. Xena is doing heaps of other things too. Daughter of Rusty and Reign.
Raennik Eko AZ. DDR black dog of quality. Currently sparingly shown.
Michelle Stendara with Beychief Hoop La AZ BSC1 CCD.HIT.ET and two passes in Novice plus Excellent in Specialty ring. Pictured at Canberra with her medallion.

Garry Connolly and Nadine McDonald of Hauberk Kennels.WINNER BLENTHEIM TROPHY 2011. Gained CCD and one pass towards CD by 11 months. Class winner Specialty Shows, All Breeds BOB. A high class bitch and we congratulate her family for steering her to success."EVA" is litter sister to BEYCHIEF HOOP LA aka "EKO".
Beychief Jester CDX jumping the bar jump. Jester was well known for his charity work and in saving a drowning man. A truly great and noble pet. His Sire was Obedience Champion Fidelitas Asslan, his Dam Rannach Canta. A workman through and through.
Our dogs on holiday having a swim on the TSR at Widgiewa Siding. We followed the drovers for years and I published a book "Heroes Of The Long Paddock" featuring drovers of the Riverina and Snowy Mountains. The dogs travelled with me during the research and we camped in the stock camps.
Leada 2 was bridesmaid at "mum's" wedding held at Calvary Hospital where she was a favourite Therapy Dog.
Leada 2 With the St George Dragon. Officially Tracking Champion Damauren Lyrical Appeal AZ Breed Survey Class 1.Courage, nobility, intelligence, sense of humour, capable of great compassion. She produced pets, police dogs, tracking champions, tracking dogs, show champion. You name it, she probably achieved it.
Tempe, Tara and Leada 2 with St Francis the Patron Saint of Animals.
Beychief PD Leadas Alert AZ CD Breed Survey Class 1 (Cathy O'shea) Sire Jarinda Rustic Crusader AZ TD. Dam T.Ch. Damauren Lyrical Appeal AZ TDX
Leada, Graham and I. Tracking Champion Damauren Lyrical Appeal AZ Breed Survey Class 1 crossed Rainbow Bridge February 2011.
This bitch is Beychief PD Leadas Alert AZ CD, "Kalani" Breed Survey Class 1, loved and trained by Cathy O'Shea, Queensland. Gained two passes in Open (CDX) then retired due to family involvement in the equestrienne circle.
Beychief Rum Ball. Known as Rumble, this German Shepherd "adopted" Kinwah the tiger cub as a younger brother when the Tiger had to be hand raised by Sally Padey, owner of Mogo Zoo, NSW. The pair gained international stardom.
Beychief Massai Drummer TD CGC. Chief 3rd.


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