Puppy Patch 2023


We are strictly hobby breeders producing only one or sometimes two litters per year.





 BEYCHIEF BLACK JEDDA AZ  BS  a full black has a litter to Grundel hardt Quintessential AZ homes will be carefully chosen for this rare opportunity. Should be brilliant working dogs with steady character. Combination working and show, both breed surveyed. Litter from last year are now 18 months and stunning. Beychief Jeddas Shadow has her AZ stamps for hips and elbows . We like our pets to enjoy being puppies and do not breed early. We are hoping to breed Shadow by AI to a stunning male we bred after she turns two years who also has AZ. We may also breed Beychief Black Bonnie AZ later this year.


Registered pure bred dogs are bred under stringent rules and screened where applicable for inherited issues affecting health of the animals depending upon the breed. Size, coat length and expected nature of the pure bred dog is far more reliable and Registered Breeders provide pedigree, diet information, general information etc  for the puppy. Crossbreds are not screened for diseases yet still have the same issues so a crosssbred may cost more in veterinary bills. We do not advise buying from Pet Shops or Markets and strongly advocate against encouraging PUPPY FARMS/MASS PRODUCTION of LITTERS.

Puppies need plenty of individual attention which cannot be achieved in puppy farming.



If you think a BEYCHIEF PUPPY is what you are looking for, please contact us by email




[email protected]

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Christine Anderson
Casino, NSW, Australia
Phone : 0428227792
Email : [email protected]


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